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Children’s mental wellbeing is so important and should be a priority in every school. Delighted to receive our copy of ‘Wellbeing in the Primary Classroom’, a brilliant new book from our inspiring friend https://t.co/KWRHoMqw0Z


Retweeted From Hannah Wilson FCCT FRSA

Congrats you two - brilliant news! 👏👏 Looking forward to Nic & Bev and Monique & Lee following in your footsteps next year to form our Aureus Thrive team! 🎉 Thank you for the training!


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See how many of these fun activities you get up to this summer - you can tick them off as you go! 🌞 https://t.co/z0kSpPeMaM


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So proud of our team and excited for our new team members at Aureus & our new team It has been a full on first year, really looking forward to growing, learning & flourishing together next year. https://t.co/RXWIoiW5zz


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If you have the opportunity to do amazing things in your life, bring someone with you.


We are looking forward to showing 75 of our families around our new school this morning 10-12. & Rebecca will be there to welcome you. Please enjoy the sun & walk if you can as parking is limited. https://t.co/H0N6LVvOuL


It was great to see all of our team together today for our staff induction! Thanks for hosting us & for getting us excited about September!


We had a great day with - thanks for a great pre-opening inspection. Delighted we can officially open! Looking forward to getting our number & opening in September. Well done 🎉 https://t.co/xf788mCCT0


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Join , (), () and more for a packed morning of -reduction! If you're in the West Midlands, don't miss the next event at on 6th July: https://t.co/b644IVgXDT https://t.co/o43gNdtQk9


Retweeted From Hannah Wilson FCCT FRSA

Here you go: https://t.co/ZwNzewqoGX 13 booked already. You can meet our Co-DHT


Retweeted From Hannah Wilson FCCT FRSA

Ooooh we do 💖 a fantastically creative & inviting library! Inspiration from for & ’s new spaces. and I like kids in a sweet shop of ideas! https://t.co/CzHF8dcI8j


More uniform samples have arrived! 👏 Check our our school bag, our book bag & our school cap. https://t.co/AYpJcalZKb


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A reminder it is our Uniform Sale for Aureus School students/ parented tomorrow June 30th & then for on July 18th! https://t.co/3aihmgOMfa


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Aureus sounds like a blessed place


Retweeted From Hannah Wilson FCCT FRSA

.📣📣📣We have now raised £4568 💰 which is 91% of our target. 🎯 Are there 432 of my followers 🙏 who will sponsor us £1 🤞to go towards our charity fundraiser for a library 📚 in Mozambique 🇲🇿? https://t.co/N7YJEtC9AW


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So many people are excited about your opening! Can't wait to hear more. :)


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This week, I spent a day planning for , discussing ideas with our brilliant team AND I got to the see the school for the first time. Still full of excitement and joy at being in our new home https://t.co/dDFHaj34qB


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will be hosting a & conference on Tuesday 25 September, 10am-4pm. Keynote speaker will be . For more information please click on the link below: https://t.co/gwcYddn0P6 or email cpdtraining.org https://t.co/RiqcLXfahS


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.Free coaching training for - women leading in education in or around Oxfordshire 5/7 - can you join us? https://t.co/nCnAMHJUMH

Didcot Partnership

Didcot Partnership of Schools

We are delighted to be joining the Didcot Partnership of Schools. The DPS’ mission is that we work together as a partnership of schools to:

  • Maximise children and young people's life chances through enjoyable and enriching educational opportunities. 
  • Overcome barriers to learning and achievement closing the gap between most and least disadvantaged. 
  • Educate and empower children and young people to play a full and active part in their communities. 
  • Enhance the wellbeing of children and young people and to keep them safe. 

You can find out more about the Didcot Partnership of Schools here:



Aureus is the first mixed 11-16 school in Didcot, following a history of single sex education. We will work alongside St Birinus Boys’ School, Didcot Girls’ School and the Didcot UTC to serve the local community in secondary school choice.

You can find out more about the schools in Didcot here: