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We are justifiably proud of our school, but don't just take our word for it...

Parent testimonials

"Since my daughter joined the School in September 2020 she has enjoyed every day here. Aureus Primary School makes her feel confident and provides an environment where the children can express themselves. Everyday she can identify some of the school values in her actions: respect, determination and resilience for example, which is brilliant! Thank you Aureus Primary School"

Year 3 Parent (November 2021)

"My daughter looks forward to come to school everyday; she really enjoys it. She very much enjoys the time spent there learning about new things everyday. All the teachers are very supportive and helpful which has indeed reflected on her day to day development. We are quite happy to see that the school not only focuses on the academics but also on extra curricular  activities. A warm welcome in the morning by the teachers gives children confidence and assurance to start their day. We are very happy for our daughter to be at APS and thanks to all the staff for making it a wonderful place for the children. We really appreciate your hard work and support."

Year 1 Parent (November 2021)

Covid response/remote learning testimonials

"I just wanted to put in writing how wonderful you have all been in managing the new rules, regulations and safeguarding at school. We’re new to the school and the virtual home visits as well as the videos on Class Dojo have helped A and O transition to school life wonderfully. We really appreciate the endless efforts staff have put in to ensure the safety, health, wellbeing and learning opportunities for all at Aureus. You have all done and continue to do an amazing job. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and are so glad to be part of this wonderful school."

Reception and Nursery Parent (September 2020)

Lastly, we just want to say a big thank you to Mrs Ashforth-Smith, she has gone over and beyond with answering our questions, offering advice and also commenting on the work K has been doing. It has been great to receive the feedback from her and K has liked the feedback too. We can now see what he has learnt at school and also understand phonics a bit more than we did before lock down too."

Reception and Year 2 Parent (Summer 2020)

"Firstly I just want to say thank you for all the help and hard work that has went into carrying on with the education at home. I appreciate it’s been the unknown with everything new but it’s been great. Mrs Houldey I want to say especially a massive thank you to as  she goes the extra mile with reading stories and showing videos of the tadpoles in top of explaining each work tasks for the day, there is always a smile on her face."

Year 1 Parent (Spring 2021)

"Thank you very much for yesterdays letter from Julie Hiddleston and Kevin Gawley. I can really appreciate what a huge undertaking it is to open the school to the early years and year 1s from the 1st June and I am also extremely grateful to the school for the support I have been given for Leo that has enabled me to continue working during this time."

Reception Parent (Summer 2020)

Community testimonials

"Aureus Primary have exceptionally well behaved children who are a credit to the school! The children and staff were exceptionally well organised too. We hope to see you all again soon."

Rod King, Head of Education at Didcot Railway Centre (November 2021)