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"" Great to be back in the classroom at last today bringing our trolley full of treats to . Thank you Y2 for a fun afternoon. Find out more about our services for schools


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It’s not often that deserve a whoop but the new maths guidance thanks to has FINALLY captured actual progression that stands a chance of reducing cognitive load! A step in the right direction.


Retweeted From Mrs Robinson 💙 #stayathomeforheroes

Couldn’t agree more! 👏 I’ve felt very grateful over the last few weeks. Knowing there was a team taking care of the ‘other’ stuff meant I got to focus all my attention on staff, pupils & families.


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An amazing effort from everyone at Team Longford- brilliant home learning, stories, videos and postivity. Super proud


Retweeted From Julie Hiddleston, FCCT

BIG UP to our local and friends in Banbury who have switched their factory to making ventilators for


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As a frontline doctor in London - you really really need to take this seriously - it is bad - it is really bad - already - and it’s predicted to be worse by next weekend - too many people really don’t get it yet - stay indoors!! Seriously!


Retweeted From Tamara

I saw an article on this over half-term (maybe yours) and I have now started this at my school! Teachers are grateful and I get to indulge my passion of reading aloud! We shared Pirates love underpants, which even ks2 laughed at and The Twits!


Retweeted From Longford Park School

Very sad to hear about the passing of one of our Heroines, who died today aged 101. A NASA pioneer and gifted mathematician, she paved the way for women and people of colour to be given credibility in the scientific arena.


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Really excited about our Bedtime Stories event tomorrow


Retweeted From Julie Hiddleston, FCCT

How amazing to have our very own published author!


Retweeted From Claire-Louise West, FCCT

Congratulations Lorraine Infant School! So proud of you all. 💜🙏


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How’s this for measurable progress! Huge congrats to our year 6s who have had their poems selected for publication in the poetry competition!


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New GLF school coming to Banbury (Hanwell View). Next open event for prospective parents is Tuesday 1st October at 5pm for 5:15pm presentation. Held at Longford Park School.


An amazing night with parents unpicking the stuff that really matters: teaching and learning! Reducing cognitive load whilst inspiring through ! can’t wait for 2019-2020!


Thank you to all the parents and carers for coming along and supporting our first ever Sports Day! We hope you had as much fun as we did


Not every school has its own unique handmade coin - but thanks to a creative parent , we do! Thank you to Mike for creating this wonderful piece of art for our school


This week our Reception children have been really enjoying bug hunting out in our wild area! They have been creating tally charts to show which bugs they have seen most, drawing pictures and writing about them 🐛🦋🐞🐜


A reminder that we are closed today for pupils. We look forward to seeing you all on Monday!

How do we teach at Aureus Primary?

..the cognitive load resulting from a complex task can be reduced by breaking it down into smaller, simpler steps for a learner to complete individually.’ Cognitive Load Theory1 

The Cognitive Load Theory is woven through every aspect of our teaching and our curriculum; the Senior Leadership team, teachers and support staff actively seek its promotion and adoption through all elements of teaching and learning; it underpins everything we do.  

Key aims 

As a school we believe that all pupils have an entitlement to achieve their maximum potential regardless of their circumstances. We provide opportunities to break through barriers, increase resilience and ensure that every child in our care is inspired to have aspirations not bound by their societal background.  

As a corporate body of professionals, (Senior Leaders, Teachers, Learning Assistants, SEND support staff and administrative staff) we go about ensuring we are committed to providing high quality teaching and learning for the children in our care, raising standards and achievement for all.  

We have an agreed approach for teaching and learning in our school.  It provides a template by which consistency of pedagogy is developed and maintained. It also reflects the aims and objectives the school and supports its vision.  Furthermore, our approach is grounded in academic research, particularly that of the Cognitive Load Theory (CLT) which emphasises that in order for children to be successful learners, unnecessary distractions and complications need to be strip away; allowing the learning to focus on the key information.  Please refer tot he Teaching and Learning policy which is the resultant outworking of this theory.   

Rationale & Ethos  

Inclusivity is at the heart of all we do; as a school, we deploy all resources effectively to provide every child with an equal opportunity to succeed. This is achieved through the early identification of barriers to learning; identifying why children are not achieving their potential and then putting in compensatory measures to support the child. 

Our priority as a school is to ensure that all children are offered access to appropriate, age related curriculum content, regardless of background or needs. We believe this is best achieved through our high quality universal offer. 

The values underpinning our relationships with the children in our school and with other members of staff are vital to ensure an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect. The vision and ethos of the school will be contributed to daily by all members of staff through:

  • providing a safe, calm and effective working environment in which each child can produce their best work.
  • providing a welcoming environment where respect is fostered and dignity upheld. 
  • providing positive role models effective management of their professional time valuing pupils as individuals, celebrating their successes and allowing them to learn from their mistakes. 
  • reviewing and maintaining an up to date personal and professional development, ensuring high levels of personal expertise. 

[1] John Sweller (1988),  Cognitive Load During Problem Solving: Effects on Learning

Link to a useful website on Cognitive Load Theory: 


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