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Mrs Media we need your technical assistance!! 🎥


Hilarious 😂


We will do a video for you or come & visit?


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Fancy spending a day with 31 of our top Associates next July? Save the date for our 25th birthday Biggest Ever Day Out - July 22nd 2019 at


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Grayson Perry: "I love ... it seems to formalise my own take on the relationship of and ." Our unique methodology helps children and young people learn, achieve and thrive. Get hands-on experience this month in or


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I am in awe that one of my Year 2 Poppies can write in 2 languages!


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Here is the symbol for Kind in honour of Can you draw it? Show us using the hashtag to join in


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With , I'm a new era for young people's mental health, where support is available to every child who reaches out. Join our fight, and sign the petition now.


Today it’s let’s all be kind, to everyone we meet, all day. Kind hands, kind feet, kind eyes, kind heart, kind thoughts = kind world.


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Absolutely overwhelmed with the media requests and hits today. But I'm far more overwhelmed by the love from you all - by taking a stand and speaking out. Thank you for caring about the world we share.🌿💚


We are excited to have launched our APS PCA (Parents & Carers Association) tonight. Thank you for coordinating.


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Top UK health bodies demand new clean air act so-called woudl benefit too from more sustainabel transport solutions


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Embed a values-based culture of course. Just imagine, a whole school community focused on 'Kindness', 'Respect', 'Equality' or 'Courage'-and deepening this culture every month. It's happening all over the country in VbE schools - it's antibullying every day.


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It's month. Its not 'just' about what the children do - its about the staff and parents too - in fact the whole community - Its vital we keep the profile high on the agenda. Would love to hear what schools have got for answers to these questions


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Oxfordshire Branch of Early Education have Kathy Ring- developing a studio workspace coming this Thursday 6-8pm at the Slade Nursery School. Email to book a space


Wishing all our community a very Happy Diwali and a year filled with happiness & joy!


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Anxiety is up in this household, with myself and my autistic son and daughter! This colour by numbers app really seems to help calm us all even when on the go!


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Aurora Beam's back & to celebrate, I’m giving away 2 SIGNED book bundles of BOTH books! I’ll pick the winner on Sat 29th Sept! For your chance to win, RT & tell me what your super power would be! Can’t wait to see what you come up with! ⚡⚡


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Think my 2 year old just tried teaching me some She had me sit down, put my hands together, close my eyes and "breathe". Love her so much! ❤ Is this what you've been doing ?

Welcome to Aureus Primary School

I am delighted to welcome you to the Aureus Primary School, a brand new, state of the art primary school that opened on the Great Western Park, Didcot, in September 2018.

Oxfordshire County Council have designed and built our beautiful new school. 

We have opened with Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. We will grow to two forms of entry with a maximum capacity of 420 pupils once full. 

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