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How amazing to have our very own published author!


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Congratulations Lorraine Infant School! So proud of you all. 💜🙏


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How’s this for measurable progress! Huge congrats to our year 6s who have had their poems selected for publication in the poetry competition!


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New GLF school coming to Banbury (Hanwell View). Next open event for prospective parents is Tuesday 1st October at 5pm for 5:15pm presentation. Held at Longford Park School.


An amazing night with parents unpicking the stuff that really matters: teaching and learning! Reducing cognitive load whilst inspiring through ! can’t wait for 2019-2020!


Thank you to all the parents and carers for coming along and supporting our first ever Sports Day! We hope you had as much fun as we did


Not every school has its own unique handmade coin - but thanks to a creative parent , we do! Thank you to Mike for creating this wonderful piece of art for our school


This week our Reception children have been really enjoying bug hunting out in our wild area! They have been creating tally charts to show which bugs they have seen most, drawing pictures and writing about them 🐛🦋🐞🐜


A reminder that we are closed today for pupils. We look forward to seeing you all on Monday!


Poppies have been learning and retelling the story "The Tiger Who Came to Tea" this week, with actions too!


We would like to wish all our families and friends a very happy and peaceful Eid!


Well done and , what a great video!


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Schools of thought: can mindfulness lessons boost child mental health? | Society | The Guardian


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“I am strong. I am resilient. I have stamina. I’VE GOT THIS!” Our mantra, followed by high fives and hugs as we started today.


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Any chance of a retweet? Go on - send a teacher (or head teacher) a thank you card. Its free!


Check out the original art work of our logo with our values kindly donated (time/energy/resources) by one of our Dads!! Inspired by the Didcot Hoard. A massive thank you Mike 🙏 We 💖 it!


Happy - our winners this week have been showing


Come & join our lovely team as a TA|


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Are you coming to the VbE International 2019 Conference? FRIDAY 18th October. Tickets now available! Free to VbE Member Schools Earlybird discount for non member schools. Come to inspire and be inspired! We can't wait to see you...


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Our is beginning to take shape as we line up a great set of speakers 27th June 5-8pm Tickets available here:

Posted on: 05/07/2019

Unique coin minted for our school

Mike Page with Aureus CoinIt is not every school which has its own unique handmade coin -  but thanks to a creative parent, we do!

Mike Page designed and created the special addition to our school after taking inspiration from the Romans who once lived in the area.

Aureus Primary School is named after a hoard of gold Roman coins which was unearthed by a metal detector at our site in 1995. The word Aureus comes from the Latin for golden and the hoard of 126 coins represented ten years wages for a Roman soldier.

Using the historical link as a basis for research, parent Mr Page created a unique ‘golden’ coin for the school to display, complete with its logo and 12 values.

“I enjoyed all the research that went into it before I could begin the actual design,” said Mr Page, an Audio/Visual and IT specialist at Oxford Brookes University.

He used specialist software on his own custom-built router to create the coin from a piece of MDF (medium density fibreboard), but the process wasn’t without difficulty as the intricate design and unique nature of the model came with its own quirks.

He had two attempts at the coin which was hand-finished using a dark wax and bright gold to bring a gleam to the piece.

“I sealed it with a gloss clear-coat lacquer to protect it from little fingers, and little fingers from it. It was a lengthy process, but make no mistake, it was totally worth every bit of effort and energy,” he said.

We are all absolutely delighted with the coin that Mike has created for us. He has put such thought and effort into the design and making of it and we are truly grateful for all his hard work. The coin takes pride and place in our hall, so it can be enjoyed by our pupils, staff and visitors.