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We will do! Keep an eye out for what we're up to 👀


Another amazing and experience for our students at Aureus Primary! Only just beginning on our journey and can't wait to see the impact it has for our community


Last week Y1 were visited by Harry and Roger, Morris Men from the Abingdon Traditional Morris Dancers. They had a wonderful afternoon learning the Princess Royal Dance. A great afternoon engaging with our local heritage!


We're so excited to begin on our journey with and . Can't wait to enhance our arts and cultural offer even further!


What do you think?! Let's see your protestors in Banbury!


Some more of our awesome Y4 protestors


Some of our awesome Y4 protestors


Today, as part of the school's termly Climate Change Day and their term's STEAM project, Year 4 have held their very own climate demonstration. We are so proud of how the next generation are standing up for what they believe in.


Aureus Primary School are recruiting for a Learning Assistant to join our incredible team with an immediate start. More details available on the link:


Eid Mubarak to all our families celebrating today and tomorrow - we wish you and your families happiness, hope and joy on Eid al-Fitr


Our Nursery children had a great morning exploring our nature area (despite the not so glorious British weather). Brilliant learning going on in our local environment.


Some unexpected visitors arrived this morning at Aureus Primary School. We don't remember signing up for Canadian exchange students!


Did you know, researchers have found that learning to play a musical instrument can enhance verbal memory, spatial reasoning and literacy skills? We've been making sweet music at APS with the help of 🎵🎶🎼


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GLF's SCITT Team have entered the final term of their recruitment campaign! 📚 If you're considering becoming a teacher for September 2021, speak to a member of our team via or visit our website for more information 👉


Look at the amazing learning going on at our sister school Great work guys! 👏👏👏


Awesome stuff Mr Mc!


Let's see what you're up to! 👀


This term's whole-school STEAM question is, 'Can I develop an understanding of the living world around me?' 💡 Valentina Class (Y3) have been investigating conditions for plant growth and are even having a sunflower competition for good measure! 🌻



The teaching of PE will enable children to develop their physical literacy. Teachers will ensure that pupils have access to two hours of high quality PE lessons every week which will incorporate a wide variety of activities including; games, gymnastics, athletics, dance, swimming and outdoor activities. As a school we understand that PE education is not just physical but also about an awareness of healthy diet and lifestyle choices such as walking or cycling to school.

PE education at Aureus Primary School will enable children to develop greater self-esteem and promote the skills of leadership, teamwork, fair play, respect and co-operation. 

Curriculum aims

During the EYFS stage, children will start their physical literacy learning path. By developing an understanding of how their body moves and by exploring basic agility, balance & coordination skills (ABC’s), they will begin to enjoy PE and sport on their own and with others.

At Key Stage One we aim to build on fundamental movement skills through developing object control, locomotion, and stability (ABC’s) within a variety of activities. Children will become increasingly confident movers and will begin to foster an enjoyment of PE.

Throughout Key Stage Two children will be encouraged to use the movement skills established in Key Stage One to develop fundamental sports skills. Children will link basic movements with those needed to develop the techniques which will enable them to participate in a range of activities including; games, gym, dance, athletics and outdoor education.

At Aureus we always aim to encourage independent learning as well as cooperative team work. Children will be involved in a process of self-assessment, ensuring that they are aware of the progress that they are making and what their individual next step will be.

Through the teaching of PE we also aim to cover these four key areas

Healthy me: Children will understand what makes a healthy body. This will link subjects across the curriculum including what is healthy eating and why exercise is important for life. Where necessary, children will be offered a place at Change for Life club to further develop these areas.

Social me: Development of team work skills and self-control in both PE lessons and on the playground. Children will aim to communication with their peers in order to benefit themselves and their team mates.  Pupils will develop leadership skills in a variety of contexts such as teams and small groups. Older children will use their experience to run activities for younger children at playtimes and sporting events. We aim for these social skills to be transferred into other areas of the curriculum such as maths and English.

Thinking me: At Aureus Primary  will aim for our children to develop their independence of thought and action through thinking creatively whilst solving problems and working together as a team.  Children will begin to be able to comment on their own performances and become managers of their own learning, exploring ways in which they can improve.

Physical me: Children will develop the physical skills needed to participate in a range of sporting activities.